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ESILAB in the News

We have created this ESILAB resource to enable you to access our recent press releases and to find out more about ESILAB. If you would like to discuss a particular issue, please contact: Ariane Doud, (978) 283-2674,


eDJ Brief: ESI Laboratory – Production Analyzer
In this age of cloud platforms and corporate ‘everything-in-one’ document management multitasking systems, the Production Analyzer is a throwback to old school single purpose software. You point it at an incoming or outgoing TIFF-text production set and it gives you a report that flags all the redactions; black box, text overlay or hybrid.
Source:, March 9, 2016
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It may not sound super sexy, but I know some e-discovery practitioners who would jump at the ability to challenge redactions well before a redaction log comes in the door.
Source: Above the Law, February 24, 2016
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